We gained our name from the Royal Canadian Navy’s fourth Aircraft Carrier, HMCS MAGNIFICENT.  She served the RCN from 24 January 1948 until 14 June 1957. 

             MAGNIFICENT was the second largest ship to serve the Canadian Navy.  She had a crew of over 1000 men and a length of 695 feet, beam of 80 feet and a draught of 21 feet.  Her primary weapon was her 30 aircraft.

“Maggie” as she was nicknamed served for 9 years in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, visiting many foreign ports and operating with NATO. 



Shown here off Jetty 4, Halifax Dockyard.

Photo From Naval Museum of Manitoba –Web Page


During the Suez crisis she departed Canada and on her decks were 233 military vehicles and 406 of our troops to help out in the Middle East as part of the United Nations Emergency Force. MAGNIFICENT was broken up in Scotland, in 1965.

Our Squadron Badge is similar to “Maggie’s”, and approval for our use of the ship’s badge was given to us by Vice Admiral Greg Madison, Chief of Maritime Affairs.  The badge is a brilliant sun with the red maple leaf, signifying Canada on a blue background, set in a shield.



We may have had only one MAGNIFICENT in the Canadian Navy, but in the Royal Navy the name has been used for seven ships.  The third HMS MAGNIFICENT, was a Pre-Dreadnought Battleship of the Majestic Class.  The ship was built in 1894 and served during the Great War of 1914 –1919.  She was sold in 1921.  The first ship was a 3rd rate ship built in 1766 and was wrecked in 1804.  The second was also a 3rd rate ship, built in 1806 and sold in 1843.  A 3rd rate ship could be considered equal to a destroyer in today’s navy.


Right is HMS MAGNIFICENT (III), battleship.  All the ships bearing this Magnificent name have earned the following Battle Honours.


GRENADA         1779